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It’s sometimes hard to keep track of the publications devoted to the discussion of Objectivism. On this page, we compile a list of them–some defunct, some still publishing–distinguishing between Objectivist periodicals and periodicals that often discuss Objectivism. Feel free to contact us with the names of publications we may have overlooked. (We’ll be posting live links, as well as indications of each publication’s current status and/or institutional or factional affiliations, soon.)

Periodicals devoted almost entirely to Objectivism or Ayn Rand and/or edited from an Objectivist perspective
Full Context
The Intellectual Activist
IOS Journal
Journal of Ayn Rand Studies
The New Individualist
The Objective Standard
The Objectivist
The Objectivist Forum
The Objectivist Newsletter
The Undercurrent

Periodicals heavy on Objectivist-relevant content
The Independent Review
Journal of Libertarian Studies
Libertarian Papers
Reason Papers

For a useful survey of the gamut of libertarian periodicals (of a scholarly orientation), see Walter Block’s “Austro-Libertarian Publishing: A Survey and Critique,” Reason Papers 32 (Fall 2010), pp. 107-35. Note, however, that the editors of Reason Papers take issue with Block’s characterization of Reason Papers as a libertarian (or Objectivist) journal in their 2011 inaugural editorial.


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