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Work in progress (6): David Kelley’s Art of Reasoning, 4th ed.


I just got a flyer in the mail from W.W. Norton announcing the imminent publication of the long-awaited fourth edition of David Kelley’s The Art of Reasoning: An Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking. I’m using the third edition of Kelley’s book right now in a critical reasoning class, and have–when not forced to use Hurley’s Introduction to Logic by various department chairs–typically used The Art of Reasoning in logic and critical reasoning classes I’ve taught at the undergraduate level. I generally find Kelley’s book more user-friendly than other textbooks, and much prefer his treatment of definitions and explanation to those I’ve seen elsewhere.


The new edition looks really good. I certainly like the new cover better than the old; judging from the table of contents, all (or most) of the old material is still there, and there’s a new and much-needed chapter on probability. (I can’t tell whether the old material on Fred Sommers’s “cancellation method” of assessing the validity of categorical syllogisms is still included, but I think not.)

The announced publication date is November 2013, just in time for spring textbook orders.



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