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IOS Fall Seminar: A postscript


Just a quick thanks from both of us to everyone who came to the 2013 IOS Fall Seminar, and made it a success.  Some participants traversed extraordinary distances for the occasion, and dealt with some serious logistical hurdles to participate–a real sign of love for the subject, and of the activity of philosophical discussion.* (Incidentally, one would like to think that a privatized mass transit system might do a better job than New Jersey Transit, whose operations, as one participant put it, have an Atlas Shrugged-like quality to them.) The discussions were provocative and productive; we hope you got as much out of them as we did.

We’re in the planning stages for the 2014 Spring Seminar, but haven’t yet sat down to do any planning for Fall 2014. More on that in days to come.

Irfan and Carrie-Ann

*I had to fix the appalling grammar of the original version of this sentence (of mine), which was obviously produced by seminar-induced sleep-deprivation. (IK)


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