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CFPs and Announcements


Some CFPs and announcements of potential interest.

(1) CFP: The due date for the Fall 2013 meeting of the Alabama Philosophical Society is just a few weeks away–August 2. Conference is October 11-12 in Pensacola, Florida. Conference poster here.

(2) CFP, second announcement: Reason Papers is soliciting papers for a special symposium on the epistemology, ethics, and politics of emergencies. Information here (scroll down to the last third of the page).

(3) Jessica Gordon-Roth (Lehman College, CUNY) and Benjamin Hill (University of Western Ontario) have announced a Locke Workshop for March 17-18, 2014 at Lehman College (Bronx, NY). Keynote speaker is Kenneth Winkler (Yale). Official CFP is forthcoming. Contact Jessica Gordon Roth ( or Benjamin Hill ( [PS. Actually, I just checked again, and it’s a call for abstracts “on any topic in John Locke’s philosophy” that’s forthcoming.]

(4) The Felician Ethics Institute is hosting an Author Meets Critics session with Christine Vitrano (Brooklyn College) on her (forthcoming) book, The Nature and Value of Happiness (Westview, 2013). (Publication date of the book is August, I believe.) Respondents are George Abaunza (Felician), John Kleinig (John Jay), and Christopher Rice (Fordham). The event will take place Saturday, November 16, 1-4 pm. The location is, of course, at Felician College, but we haven’t yet decided whether the event will be held at our Lodi or our Rutherford campus. Stay tuned for updates.

(5) My friend Reena Kapoor runs a truly amazing website/organization called The 1947 Partition Archive, devoted to chronicling the experiences of people who experienced the partition, in 1947, of India and Pakistan. They’re always looking for volunteers and for support, so if you’re interested, please check it out. The site currently houses 573 first-hand stories of the partition, plus an extensive bibliography and other resources, including a rather impressive list of media mentions. The site is non-partisan, and involves the joint efforts of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs–and yes, Objectivists.

(6) Research query: a different friend of mine (yes, I have at least two) who works in legal studies is looking to make contact with anyone in political science or legal studies with expertise in the workings of the Montana judiciary. If you know someone who fits that description (or are such a person), please contact me at the Institute’s email address,



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