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A quick statement of policy


We haven’t yet had the chance to write up a formal set of policies for our blog or site, but please note that comments are moderated. (Once a first comment is approved, you’re approved for non-moderated comments.) If you want your comment to go up, you must sign your actual name to it–your whole name. If you don’t do that, it won’t go up.

Our view is that comment writers need to take responsibility for what they say, rather than hiding behind pseudonyms–something facilitated by signing one’s full name to one’s comments. You may well have a legitimate reason for using a pseudonym, but unfortunately we can’t accommodate such reasons here. If Khawaja’s relatives in Pakistan can tweet atheist messages in the land of the Pakistani Taliban, we think that most readers of this blog can manage to sign their full, actual names to what they want to say here.

Incidentally, if your purpose is sheer abuse of IOS or people associated with it, don’t expect your comment to go up. A person who writes that we’re “not worth associating with” only prompts the question what he’s doing writing a comment on our blog. But that question is one he should be asking himself: it’s not worth debating here, and won’t be. Contrary to popular belief about the “open system” side of the movement, this IOS is not that tolerant. Our view, in fact, is that IOS-1990 should have been less tolerant in the first place. But that’s another topic for another time.

Irfan and Carrie-Ann


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