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John McCaskey responds


John McCaskey has recently responded  to some of the criticisms I made of him in a post here on April 25. I’ve responded in turn, as has Robert Campbell (IOS Advisory Board Member, and Professor of Psychology, Clemson). Readers can judge for themselves the adequacy of McCaskey’s responses. By the way, none of my comments should be construed as official IOS policy: I’m writing exclusively on my own responsibility, in my own voice.

Speaking of policy: from now on, I’m going to configure the site so that embedded hyperlinks open up in a new window rather than in the same one. I’ve gotten mixed feedback from readers on which option to take–same window or new windows? (I’ll spare you a rehearsal of the pros and cons each way.) My own personal preference is to have them open in new windows, so let’s try that for now. Strictly speaking, I need the approval of the other founding member to make policy, but in her absence, I think I can afford to go outside of the chain of command on a decision of this caliber.


P.S., 9:45 pm: Fixed the link.



  1. Roger Donway says:

    Dear Irfan,

    McCaskey’s link does not work for me. Is this my fault?

    Roger Donway

  2. irfankhawaja says:

    No, it was mine. Fixed now.


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