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Greetings and gratitude from “the Phoenix”


Thanks to Jerry Biggers for the kind feedback he’s recently left at the site, and also for the “Phoenix Rising” shout-out he’s given us at Objectivist Living. On reading his post at OL, it occurred to me that I’d forgotten to sign a few of the posts I’d recently written, so I’ve gone back and corrected that. As you’ll see, much of the site remains a work in progress. In the nature of things, work on it has had to take a back seat to our professional responsibilities. In my case, that includes teaching, chairing a department, running an ethics institute, editing a journal, and getting some research done. And Carrie-Ann’s list of professional responsibilities is longer than mine. The Bibliography pages, in particular, are pretty bare, as is the Academic Mentoring page. But we’ll work on that as soon as we can manage (and some material is already under development). We’re hoping that the end of the semester will make it easier to produce new content, but “easier than totally crazy” is still pretty crazy.

As a matter of policy: the author of a post signs his or her name in italics at the bottom-right of a given piece. So far, I’ve written and (now) signed the vast majority of posts here. In a couple of cases, a post may be signed by both Carrie-Ann and me, in which case the post represents IOS policy. Otherwise, each post is the exclusive responsibility of the person who signs it, and represents only that person’s view. (Eventually, we’ll add a page for site policies…) We’re hoping to have some of our Advisory Board members write some posts. I’ll be doing some interviews with some of them over the summer and the fall on their views on Objectivism, the current climate for Objectivist scholarship, and the work they’ve recently been doing.

Right now, comments on the site are moderated, meaning that your first comment has to be approved by a moderator (which can sometimes take time). Feel free to comment on anything on the blog (or anywhere where there’s a comment prompt). If you’d like to write a longer commentary on one of the other pages on the site and have it posted here as a guest blog, feel free to contact us by email at



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