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2013 IOS Fall Seminar Update


We just signed a contract yesterday for rental space for the 2013 IOS Fall Seminar in Philosophy (September 28, 2013; due date for applications is July 1, 2013). We’d originally planned on doing the Seminar at a private home, but for reasons of space and convenience, we’ve decided to rent the quaint little building you see below, and increase the number of Seminar participants from ten to twenty. The building in question is the Glen Ridge Community Center at 228 Ridgewood Ave., in Glen Ridge, NJ 07028. The Borough of Glen Ridge brags about the building on its website: “The present Queen Anne-style building was constructed in 1887 thanks to the vision and effort of local developer A.G. Darwin. The building is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places…”

Photo credit: Glen Ridge Borough website

Photo credit: Glen Ridge Borough website

Though we don’t approve of official governmental registers of historic places (or of the National Historic Preservation Act and its kin), the Glen Ridge Community Center really is worth bragging about: it’s air-conditioned, spacious, quiet, private, and generally seminar-friendly. It’s also well-located: it sits right next to the Glen Ridge Rail Station, which has New Jersey Transit rail service to Manhattan’s Penn Station (via the Midtown Direct), as well as service to and from Secaucus Junction and Newark’s Broad Street Station. Bus service runs to and from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, as well as Penn Station in Newark, NJ. There’s ample on-site parking, and easy access to some great restaurants in downtown Montclair (and not to be entirely outdone, in downtown Bloomfield). Breakfast and lunch, of course, is on us. Visit the Seminar page for more information on the seminar itself.

Irfan and Carrie-Ann

Note: The IOS Summer Seminar is an academic seminar, not a commercial venture. There is no fee for participation, and no money will change hands at the event.


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