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A quick introduction


Welcome to the blog of the Institute for Objectivist Studies (IOS). We’ll be using this space for ongoing commentary on the IOS enterprise, including announcements on what IOS-friendly people are doing, comments on “the movement” (as solicited on our “Theory, Practice, and ‘the Movement” page), and interdisciplinary reviews of trends in the scholarly literature, including but not limited to short bibliographical essays on and critical commentary about Objectivist-relevant work out there.

We’re gradually generating content on the site, but we’ve got quite a ways to go. As we say elsewhere, our twin bibliographical projects–our Online Bibliography and our Annotation Project–are only in their infancy. Same with our Academic Mentoring page. You’ll see incremental progress on those pages across the next few weeks and months. We’ll also be creating an IOS Facebook page fairly soon, and we’ve got plans for material to go in this space, as well.

We’re excited to have put together an energetic and enthusiastic Advisory Board for IOS, and we’re looking forward to working with all seven of them–Robert Campbell, William Dale, Stephen Hicks, David Kelley, Kirsti Minsaas, Rick Minto, and Fred Seddon. We’re deeply grateful to them for taking the time to hear us out, for taking us seriously, and ultimately, for signing their names to a project whose capital fund consists mostly of the grey matter within its participants’ skulls–along with the resolve to actualize it. We’re also grateful for the generous moral support we’ve gotten from the principals of other organizations–among them Marsha Enright of the Reason, Individualism and Freedom Institute, Chris Sciabarra and Roderick Long at the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, Will Thomas and Alexander Cohen at The Atlas Society–and from unaffiliated individuals who’ve had helpful and supportive things to say (Shawn Klein, Ole Martin Moen, Eyal Mozes, David Potts, Michael Young). (These people aren’t all Objectivists, and shouldn’t all be presumed to support IOS–or be presumed not to–but we’re grateful to them for some great advice, and for some useful reality-checking.) Finally, it’s heartening to have spent some time with the students we met at the International Students for Liberty Conference this past February in DC. We’re looking forward to hearing from you–and maybe to talking epistemology with some of you this September.

There’s plenty more happening at IOS, but we’ll save it for our next post….

Irfan and Carrie-Ann



  1. “Chris Sciabarra at the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies … and from unaffiliated individuals who’ve had helpful and supportive things to say … Roderick Long”

    Unaffiliated? I’m co-editor of JARS, man!

  2. irfankhawaja says:


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